The ability to withstand corrosion makes these brackets very suitable to be used in the food, ship and yacht building industry.

If needed we can produce stainless steel brackets according to your specifications.

Stainless Steel
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When you have a construction and it’s essential to keep weight at a minium our synthetic bracket is the solution.

These lightweight brackets can be delivered in the standard and side version. Ask us about our gas springs with aluminium cylinder.

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When there is hardly enough space to mount a bracket our side bracket is the ideal solution.

With hatches they are mostly used on the side where the gas spring or damper is attached to the frame. Side brackects can be combined with eyes or ballsockets.

Right angle 90°Go to Gas Tension Springs

There where you normally have to fabricate your own fixing point you can easily fix our brackets.

Once you have mounted them in the right position putting in the gas spring or damper is just a matter of inserting the bolt and securing the clip.

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